ReoStar Energy Corporation has a two-fold mission: Aggregate existing oil production and production from proven reserve fields to maximize revenues. Segregate some those hydrocarbon revenues to acquire alternative energy sources. ReoStar plans to follow the Carbon Neutral protocols to be a Net Zero Carbon Neutral Energy Company by 2050. ReoStar is poised to be one of the most exciting companies in the energy sector striving to bring significant value to its shareholders.
Oil and gas refinery at night

Net Zero Carbon Neutral Energy Company by 2050

REOStar energy corporation plans to impact the environment by helping fund projects that lead towards a Net Zero Carbon Neutral future. We plan to acquire companies in the future that expand our vision and impact the environment positively

Oil and gas processing plant.

Focused on maximizing revenues

Our main focus is to increase revenue stream for the company and create long term stock growth for our investors

Aggregate existing oil production

Acquiring existing oil production enables REOStar to generate immediate cash flow and opportunities to scale our operation

Production from proven reserve fields

Acquiring production with proven reserve fields provides us with the ability to expand our vision and increase revenues

Net Zero Carbon Neutral Companies

In the near future, REOStar plans to acquire companies that impact the environment positively

Oil pump jack in operation

Ticker Symbol: REOS

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